I Recorded An Album

I did it! I recorded an album! It's called "Drinking Water" and I'm really proud of it. I recorded it at home. I took time and care. I learned as I went. I recorded a lot of things that I eventually threw away. I added a few things at the last second. This past week, Aaron Duesterhoeft of SecondHand Studios mastered the album beautifully and you know what? I think it sounds fantastic!

This was a really satisfying project for me. I've always loved to learn by doing and that process defined this project. I had a phrase written on the top of my work-in-progress notes, stating "It doesn't have to be perfect but it has to come from the heart!" Heart is something that is easy to lose track of as our mundane days roll by. I tried to be as true and honest as I could as I put this project together, both to myself and to anyone listening.

 And so, soon I will offer up this little piece of myself to this noisy world we live in, and hope that it brings someone else out there some comfort, encouragement, or just a pleasurable listening experience.